Sleater-Kinney @ Union transfer

“Modernity, as a civilization, sits at the confluence of secularism, liberalism, and capitalism, and it is not everyone’s cup of coffee. The promise of the authentic is that it will help us carve out a space where true community can flourish outside of the cash nexus and in a way that treads lightly upon the Earth. More often than not, this manifests itself through nostalgia, for a misremembered time when the air was cleaner, the water purer, and communities more nurturing.”

- Potter: Authenticity, anti-vaxxers, and the rise of neoprimitivism

Olympus EP-3.

“Anti-vaccine parents do not live in a world in which they weigh the risk of infectious diseases versus the risk of vaccination. They live in a world in which their child faces only very slight risks of contracting infectious disease, due to the decisions of all the other socially responsible parents around them who vaccinate their children. This allows them — if they are narrowly self-interested — to avoid the even slighter risk of side effects from vaccination. It is only the socially responsible decision of parents who vaccinate their children that allows anti-vaccine parents to live in that world.”

- Refusing vaccination is anti-social, not irrational - The Washington Post